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World Journal of Dentistry


Introduction: Neurovascular hamartomas (NVH) are relatively uncommon and have been very rarely reported in head and neck region. The rarity could be attributed to it being unrecognized and/or unreported. They constitute unique group of lesions with specific histopathological features.

Case report: Authors report a case of 23-year-old male patient with NVH of face with an unusual clinical presentation.

Conclusion: Neurovascular hamartoma is a histopathological diagnosis made for small to medium-sized vessels and closely packed groups of well-formed nerve bundles within a loose connective tissue matrix and the inflammatory component is minimal or absent.

Clinical significance: Neurovascular hamartomas have specific features, and, therefore, they should not be considered as any reactive lesion or any hamartomatous lesions. Neurovascular hamartomas in fact represents a separate and unique entity.

Keywords: Face, Hamartoma, Neurovascular.

How to cite this article: Fande PZ, Patil SK, Gadbail AR, Ghatage DD, Hande AH, Gawande MN, Chaudhary MS. Neurovascular Hamartoma of Face: An Unusual Clinical Presentation. World J Dent 2017;8(2):151-154.

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