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Introduction: The objective of this article is to highlight the importance of having a thorough knowledge about the root canal anatomy and the possibility of extra root/root canal.

Materials and methods: This case report presents the endodontic management of a left mandibular second molar with four roots and five canals.

Results: The clinical and radiographic diagnosis shows the existence of four roots and five canals (two in distobuccal root, one in distolingual root, one in mesiobuccal root, and one in mesiolingual root) in mandibular second molar.

Conclusion: Anatomic variation in the number of roots and root canals can occur in any tooth. Close examination of radiographs taken from different angles and careful evaluation of the internal anatomy of teeth is essential or else root canal treatment is likely to fail if extra roots or root canals are not detected.

Keywords: Extra root/root canal, Four-rooted mandibular second molar and multiple angulation radiograph, Mandibular second molar.

How to cite this article: Bhardwaj A, Tarun GS. Mandibular Second Molar having Four Roots and Unusual Root Canal Morphology. J Health Sci Res 2017;8(1):49-52.

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