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International Journal of Research Foundation of Hospital and Healthcare Administration


Objectives: (1) To study compliance rate of prescriptions written in capital letters according to continual quality improvement (CQI) 3j indicator of National Accreditation Board of Hospital (NABH) (4th edition). (2) To study compliance to doctors and patient detail, legibility of prescriptions, strength and dose, frequency, route of administration, dosage form, abbreviation for drug, allergy detail, and leading zeros in the dose.

Materials and methods: Convenient randomly selected Medication Administration Record (MAR) sheets from wards and intensive care units (ICUs) were studied. One hundred thirty-two prescriptions were identified for errors pertaining to doctor’s details, patient’s details, and medication details. Errors were captured on a prepared checklist for a period of 11 days. Results were analyzed by Microsoft Excel.

Results: Results were expressed in percentages for wards and ICUs respectively. Six hundred twenty four and 652 drugs were observed in wards and ICUs respectively. Doctor’s name was present in 79.6 and 83.3%. Out of 55 prescriptions in both wards and ICUs, patient’s name compliance was 94.5 and 96.4% and patient’s weight was 83.6 and 81.8% respectively. Compliance for drugs in capital was 98 and 100% for wards and ICUs respectively. Details pertaining to medication were also found out subsequently on various parameters.

Conclusion: The study revealed that the level of completeness of handwritten prescriptions was low in terms of doctor’s details and patient’s weight, which indicates unsatisfactory commitment of the prescribers to follow the hospital guidelines of prescribing. Majority of prescriptions showed compliance to medication written in capital but still the compliance to clear and legible prescriptions is three-fourths of the total prescriptions.

Keywords: Accreditation, Compliance, Medication administration record, NABH, Prescriptions, Quality.

How to cite this article: Kaushik S, Chawla R, Bhalla S. Prescriptions Written in Capital Letters in Compliance with National Accreditation Board of Hospital Standards. Int J Res Foundation Hosp Healthc Adm 2016;4(2):89-99.

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