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International Journal of Research Foundation of Hospital and Healthcare Administration


Aim: To assess the level of knowledge of appropriate prescription of dental radiographs amongst Interns of two dental institutes of Belagavi city.

Materials and methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted on 120 interns of 2 dental institutes of Belagavi city. The knowledge of appropriate prescription of dental radiographs was assessed using a structured, close ended and self-designed questionnaire.

Results: Knowledge of appropriate prescription of dental radiographs was significantly lower in Institute 1 than Institute 2 (p=0.001*).Only a small % of 33.76 and 38.66 of interns of institutes 1,2 respectively had an above average knowledge. Thus, it is inferred that the awareness level of interns of correct prescription of radiographs is lower than expected.

Conclusion: The lack of awareness could be due to various factors such as a lack of previous knowledge, inadequate quality and quantity of educational courses and so on. Thus, students should receive the necessary education on correct prescription of radiographs to ensure their correct prescription, circumventing unnecessary exposure and their consequent detrimental effects.

Clinical significance: Radiographic examination is an important diagnostic tool used by dentists leading to an increased exposure to radiation. However, unessential exposure may lead to detrimental effects such as mutations, genetic changes and so on. One efficient way of decreasing exposure is to avoid their application when not indicated. Thus, it is the professional duty of a dentist to have adequate and accurate knowledge of prescription of radiographs. The present study shows the necessity to optimize educational tools to increase the theoretical knowledge of students and consequently improve clinical application of the knowledge gained.

Keywords: Dental education, Preventive care, Radiograph prescription, Radiation risks.

How to cite this article: Tyagi P, Naik Z, De Piedade Sequeira MAKE. Knowledge of Appropriate Prescription of Dental Radiographs among Interns of Two Dental Institutes of Belagavi City: A Questionnaire Study. Int J Res Foundation Hosp Healthc Adm 2016;4(2):61-65.

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