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Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery (Asia Pacific)


Aim: To present a case of recurrence of giant cell tumor of the tendon sheath (GCT TS) and its management.

Background: The GCT TS is a solitary benign soft tissue tumor of the limbs. It usually appears as an enlarging painless mass and has a synovial origin. The GCT TS is approximately 1.6% of all soft tissue tumors. The GCT TS of tibialis posterior is very rare, and recurrence has not been reported.

Case report: A 21-year-old male patient presents with complaint of swelling over right ankle since 3 years. Patient was operated for swelling 10 years back, and histological examination revealed GCT TS. Patient was asymptomatic for 3 years after operation and then developed swelling since last 3 years. On local examination, hypertrophic scar mark 1 × 4 cm was present at right medial malleolus. Ultrasonography of right medial malleolus and magnetic resonance imaging were done for further evaluation. Under spinal anesthesia and tourniquet control, medial approach was taken extending from 7 cm above the medial malleolus posterior to the tibia up to the talar head. Tissue was cleared and was sent for histopathology, which confirmed the diagnosis of GCT TS. Patient is on regular follow-up since then, and there has not been any recurrence.

Conclusion: Though rare, recurrence of GCT TS can occur, and it should be properly investigated and completely excised. Clinical significance: Though recurrence of GCT TS is rarely reported, it needs to be dealt with a high index of suspicion and treated aggressively.

Keywords: Excision, Giant cell tumor, Recurrence, Tibialis posterior tendon sheath.

How to cite this article: Choudhry KR, Mandlewala VN. Recurrence of Giant Cell Tumor of Posterior Tibialis Tendon. J Foot Ankle Surg (Asia-Pacific) 2017;4(1):45-48.

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