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Journal of SAFOG


Introduction: The ovarian fibroma is a rare benign tumor that accounts for 4% of all ovarian tumors, which grow from the connective tissue of the ovarian cortex. Among the sex cord-stromal tumors, fibromas are the most commonly encountered subtype, accounting for almost two-third of neoplasms in this group. The mean age of presentation is 48 years.

Aims and objectives: We present an unusual case of fibroma of the ovary presenting at 19 years of age with ascites. Diagnosis in our case was also difficult despite all tumor marker tests and clinical imaging being done, and finally it was confirmed by histopathology report.

Discussion: Fibromas and thecomas belong to a spectrum of benign ovarian tumors that are derived from ovarian stroma. Fibromas are the most common sex cord tumors and account for approximately 3 to 4% of all ovarian neoplasms. Ovarian fibromas are benign tumors of the ovary, difficult to diagnose preoperatively and can clinically and biochemically mimic ovarian cysts, tubo-ovarian mass, uterine myoma, or ovarian malignancy.

Conclusion: Fibroma must be distinguished from several nonneoplastic ovarian processes, specifically massive edema, fibromatosis, and stromal hyperplasia. Imaging is helpful to diagnose, but histopathology can only confirm the diagnosis.

Keywords: Benign ovarian tumor, Fibroma, Histopathology, Teenage girl.

How to cite this article: Singh V, Mishra B, Sinha S. A Rare Case of Ovarian Fibroma in a Teenage Girl. J South Asian Feder Obst Gynae 2017;9(2):131-133.

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Date of received: 22 November 2016

Date of acceptance: 22 January 2017

Date of publication: March 2017

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