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Journal of SAFOG


A patient with one previous term delivery presented with spontaneous uterine perforation due to choriocarcinoma (CC), requiring emergency hysterectomy due to hemoperitoneum. This tumor appears to follow a more aggressive course with extensive metastatic spread. The CC presenting as a spontaneous uterine perforation with intraabdominal hemorrhage is an extremely rare and life-threatening condition. It should be considered in the differential diagnoses of patients in the reproductive phase with a history of recent pregnancy having acute abdomen with hemoperitoneum. Early diagnosis and aggressive chemotherapy is important for patient survival. The patient should be closely followed up for a better outcome.

Keywords: Choriocarcinoma, Term pregnancy, Uterine perforation.

How to cite this article: Bagga GG, Chavan R, Pajai S, Nandu V. A Rare Case of Spontaneous Uterine Perforation with Hemoperitoneum after Normal Pregnancy due to Choriocarcinoma. J South Asian Feder Obst Gynae 2017;9(2):124-126.

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Date of received: 24 December 2016

Date of acceptance: 8 January 2017

Date of publication: March 2017

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