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International Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry


Informed consent in research, clinical trial, and practice is a process in which a patient/participant consents to participate or undergo the proposed procedures after being informed of its procedures, risks, and benefits. Ideally, the patient/participant is expected to give his consent only after fully comprehending the information about the procedures, benefits, and risks involved in research/clinical trial/practice. Thus, many ethical issues are entwined in the process of obtaining a proper informed consent. Certain untoward events in the past led to propose guidelines to prevent exploitations and unhealthy practices in the field of life science. Eventually, the practice of obtaining informed consent was emphasized to make sure that a participant’s rights were not in jeopardy. Yet, there are flaws in the practical application of obtaining consent due to lack of understanding, barriers in communication, culture, custom, and various other factors. The present article highlights the need for a complete and comprehensive format of recording informed consent without compromising the rights of an individual and the standards of research or practice on ethical and moral grounds.

Keywords: Ethical issues, Human research, Informed consent.

How to cite this article: Bhupathi PA, Ravi GR. Comprehensive Format of Informed Consent in Research and Practice: A Tool to uphold the Ethical and Moral Standards. Int J Clin Pediatr Dent 2017;10(1):73-81.

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