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International Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry


Aim: To evaluate and compare the sorption, solubility, and compressive strength of three different glass ionomer cements in artificial saliva – type IX glass ionomer cement, silverreinforced glass ionomer cement, and zirconia-reinforced glass ionomer cement, so as to determine the material of choice for stress-bearing areas.

Materials and methods: A total of 90 cylindrical specimens (4 mm diameter and 6 mm height) were prepared for each material following the manufacturer’s instructions. After subjecting the specimens to thermocycling, 45 specimens were immersed in artificial saliva for 24 hours for compressive strength testing under a universal testing machine, and the other 45 were evaluated for sorption and solubility, by first weighing them by a precision weighing scale (W1), then immersing them in artificial saliva for 28 days and weighing them (W2), and finally dehydrating in an oven for 24 hours and weighing them (W3).

Results: Group III (zirconomer) shows the highest compressive strength followed by group II (Miracle Mix) and least compressive strength is seen in group I (glass ionomer cement type IX-Extra) with statistically significant differences between the groups. The sorption and solubility values in artificial saliva were highest for glass ionomer cement type IX – Extra-GC (group I) followed by zirconomer-Shofu (group III), and the least value was seen for Miracle Mix-GC (group II).

Conclusion: Zirconia-reinforced glass ionomer cement is a promising dental material and can be used as a restoration in stress-bearing areas due to its high strength and low solubility and sorption rate. It may be a substitute for silver-reinforced glass ionomer cement due to the added advantage of esthetics.

Clinical significance: This study provides vital information to pediatric dental surgeons on relatively new restorative materials as physical and mechanical properties of the new material are compared with conventional materials to determine the best suited material in terms of durability, strength and dimensional stability.
This study will boost confidence among dental surgeons in terms of handling characteristics, cost effectiveness and success rate.
This study will help clinically and scientifically; pediatric dental surgeons to use this material in stress-bearing areas in pediatric patients.

Keywords: Artificial saliva, Compressive strength, Glass Ionomer cements, Miracle mix, Solubility, Water sorption, Zirconomer.

How to cite this article: Bhatia HP, Singh S, Sood S, Sharma N. A Comparative Evaluation of Sorption, Solubility, and Compressive Strength of Three Different Glass Ionomer Cements in Artificial Saliva: An in vitro Study. Int J Clin Pediatr Dent 2017;10(1):49-54.

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