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International Journal of Preventive and Clinical Dental Research


Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that can give rise to an indefinite number of more cells of the same type, and some specific kinds of cells by differentiation. These cells can be differentiated into odontogenic, osteogenic, adipogenic, myogenic, neurogenic, and melanocytic cells and even to corneal cells and islet cells of pancreas. Stem cell therapy is emerging as a promising treatment modality to treat certain diseases and injury with a wide range of medical benefits. The combined advantages of multipotency/pleuropotency and the ease with which stem cells can be extracted from teeth have made dental pulp stem cell/stem cells from exfoliated deciduous teeth attractive options in regenerative dentistry and medicine. The aim of this review, therefore, is to give an overview of the papers that have described the use of dental stem cells in cell therapy or bioengineering. The search was done using “dental pulp stem cell“ and ”human exfoliated teeth stem cell” as the keywords.

Keywords: Dental pulp stem cell, Regenerative medicine, Stem cells from exfoliated deciduous teeth.

How to cite this article: Tayal E. Dental Stem Cells: Part of Regenerative Medicine. Int J Prev Clin Dent Res 2016;3(4): 277-281.

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