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Otorhinolaryngology Clinics - An International Journal


A foreign body in the respiratory tract is a serious event, and it needs urgent attention. It is important to know the type of foreign body with careful history taking. Usually, such cases come in pediatric age group due to accidental ingestion or inhalation. We present a case of 12-year-old female who presented with an impacted open safety pin lodged in the larynx. Its sharp end was upward in position and penetrated the subglottis and anterior commissure. A tracheotomy was done for securing airway, and the foreign body was removed with the help of rigid endoscope. The child had an uneventful recovery.

Keywords: Foreign body, Larynx, Safety pin, Tracheotomy.

How to cite this article: Baliarsingh D, Rath A, Hota A, Panigrahi R. Open Safety Pin in Larynx: A Case Report and Review of Literature. Int J Otorhinolaryngol Clin 2017;9(1):21-24.

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