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The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice


Introduction: Prosthodontic practice involves procedures in which impressions of the maxillary and mandibular arches are mandatory. Cross infection is one of the major problems that can occur in regular dental practice. Every dentist should take utmost care to prevent cross infection as oral cavity is the source of variety of microorganisms which can often cause diseases that can be fatal. Although precautions, such as wearing of gloves and mask, sterilization of instruments are given importance, the need for disinfection of impressions is often neglected. Hence, the aim of the study was to assess the disinfection potential of radiofrequency glow discharge (RGD) by microbiological studies.

Materials and methods: Disinfection potential of RGD on addition silicone (Reprosil, Dentsply, Milford DE, USA) was assessed. Total sample size was 20. Samples were divided into two groups of 10 each. Group I – control group and group II – RGD-treated group. Main groups were subdivided into subgroups A and B. Data collected were analyzed.

Results: The RGD-treated samples were found to be culture sterile which meant that there were no signs of growth of any organisms, thus proving the disinfection potential of RGD.

Conclusion: From this study, we can conclude that RGD is a very rapid and handy device, which can disinfect saliva contaminated elastomeric impression material surfaces.

Clinical significance: When compared with the difficulties and lack of efficiency encountered in disinfecting impressions by immersion and spray atomization, RGD can be very handy in dental clinics, as it is a very rapid and convenient method for infection control.

Keywords: Disinfection, Elastomeric impression materials, Radiofrequency glow discharge.

How to cite this article: Mathew S, Alani MM, Nair KNV, Haridas S, Reba PB, Thomas SA. Radiofrequency Glow Discharge as a Mode of Disinfection for Elastomeric Impression Materials. J Contemp Dent Pract 2017;18(2):131-136.

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