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International Journal of Advanced and Integrated Medical Sciences


Infection of pilo-sebacious gland or traumatic migration of epidermis to the deeper layers of the skin can lead to epidermoid cyst. Any site of the body which is lined by squamous epithelium can be the site of epidermoid cyst. We present a case of sublingual epidermoid cyst in a 14-year-old female, who presented with a slow-growing, soft, midline swelling in submental region. Cyst was excised under local anesthesia with sedation. Histopathological examination revealed a cystic wall lined by keratinizing squamous epithelium with lamellated keratin and fibrocollagenous tissue with congested blood vessels, along with subcutaneous fat and muscle bundles, which is suggestive of epidermoid cyst.

Keywords: Epidermoid cyst, Keratinized squamous epithelium, Submental swelling.

How to cite this article: Maurya AK, Jadia S, Jain L, Qureshi S. Sublingual Epidermoid Cyst: A Rare Presentation. Int J Adv Integ Med Sci 2016;1(4):194-195.

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