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International Journal of Advanced and Integrated Medical Sciences


Introduction: Sebaceous gland carcinoma (SGC) is a rare tumor affecting the elderly, with a predisposition for females arising from the meibomian glands and occurring more commonly on the upper eyelid. Diagnosis is difficult because the tumor mimics chalazion or blepharitis. Sebaceous gland carcinoma has a mortality rate of about 5 to 10%.

Aim: To present a modified Cutler-Beard technique of lid reconstruction to manage a case of extensive SGC of upper lid.

Materials and methods: A 65-year-old male presented with a rapidly growing extensive mass of right upper eyelid (size 4.2 × 4 × 2.1 cm) causing mechanical ptosis. Histopathology confirmed the diagnosis as SGC. Wide excision of the lesion was performed sacrificing the whole upper eyelid. Lid reconstruction was done employing lower eyelid as per the bridged flap technique with the use of 4 mm silicon band to enhance lid stability. Patient achieved a satisfactory functional and cosmetic result following the second stage of the procedure.

Conclusion: Total loss of upper eyelid is often dealt with classical lid sharing technique of reconstruction first described by Cutler-Beard. For lid stability, use of tarsus from contralateral eye, ear cartilage has their attendant problems. A 4.0 silicon band was used to replace the sacrificed tarsus, achieving good results.

Keywords: Bridged flap, Meimobian gland, Pleomorphic, Silicon band, Vacuolated.

How to cite this article: Gupta P, Rizvi Y, Goyal E. A Modified Cutler-Beard Technique to manage Extensive Sebaceous Gland Carcinoma of Upper Eyelid. Int J Adv Integ Med Sci 2016;1(4):188-190.

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