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International Journal of Advanced and Integrated Medical Sciences


Conjunctival cysts are of a common occurrence in clinical parlance. These tend to be mostly asymptomatic. However, the underlying cause may be vision threatening. Thus, we conducted a clinicohistopathological study of conjunctival cysts in pediatric age group who presented to our outpatient department in Rohilkhand Medical College and Hospital, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India. The aim was to analyze the risk factors, clinical presentation, treatment modalities, and a certain type of cysts in order of their frequency. Significant history, detailed ocular examination, and relevant investigations that were carried out in 10 cases of conjunctival lesions were noted. The management was done and the histopathological examination (HPE) reports were charted. Despite a similar clinical presentation, HPE revealed varied diagnosis. These comprised choristomatous cysts (4), subconjunctival cysticercosis (2), inclusion cysts (2), inflammatory cyst (1), and capillary hemangioma (1). Conjunctival cysts are not just a cosmetic blemish. A detailed ocular examination, early diagnosis, and treatment can help prevent various vision-threatening complications.

Keywords: Conjunctival cysts, Cysticercosis, Lipodermoid.

How to cite this article: Goel J, Prasad S, Dokania A. A Clinicopathological Study of Various Conjunctival Lesions in Children. Int J Adv Integ Med Sci 2016;1(4):143-147.

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