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International Journal of Infertility & Fetal Medicine


Aims: This work was designed to assess the role of diet and dietary habits on women fertility.

Materials and methods: This study was carried out in seven different centers and hospitals in Baghdad in the period between January and September 2014. Participants were 400 adult women selected conveniently; their age ranged from 17 to 47 years and they were divided into two groups. Group I included 300 fertile women and group II included 100 infertile women. A specific questionnaire had been designed and used for data collection.

Results: It was found that there was a significant difference in weight and body mass index (BMI) between the infertile group and control group. The mean of weights was 73.07 vs 69.06 kg for infertile and the control group respectively, while the mean BMI was 28.83 vs 26.70 for the infertile group and the control group respectively. Moreover, the infertile women consumed more of carbonated beverages, tea, chicken, and fish than the control group, while they consumed less milk and red meat than the control group. Also, the infertile group consumed less corn oil and olive oil than the control group (5 and 0% vs 21 and 2%) respectively, while they used to consume more solid fat and combined fat than the control group (2 and 6% vs 0 and 2.7%) respectively.

Conclusion: Although treatment options for infertility are available, their high cost and frequency of adverse events have motivated the identification of dietary factors related to infertility. The current study identified diet as one of the modifiable risk factors that potentially impacts fertility in the selected groups; hence, it is important to focus more on the role of diet in women fertility and increase the awareness of women to it, along with suggesting more educational programs at the primary health care level.

Keywords: Body weight, Case–control study, Diet, Infertility.

How to cite this article: Alabd RE, Abdulmajeed KH, Oufi HG. Diet and Women Fertility: A Descriptive Cross-sectional Study. Int J Infertil Fetal Med 2016;7(3):82-88.

Source of support: This study was carried out with the support of the infertility center of Al-Nahreen University, infertility center of Al-Yarmook teaching hospital, infertility center of Baghdad teaching hospital, Al-Mansour, Al-Salam, Bab Al-Muadhum, and Al-Thubat primary health care centers.

Conflict of interest: None

Date of received: 09 June 2016

Date of acceptance: 18 July 2016

Date of publication: September 2016

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