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International Journal of Oral Care & Research


The success of endodontic treatment requires adequate knowledge of dental anatomy and its variations. These variations can occur in any tooth including maxillary central incisors. The aim of the study was to report the endodontic management of maxillary central incisor with two canals demonstrated radiographically. Careful evaluation of two or more radiographs, exposed at different angulations of the X-ray cone, is mandatory. This case report describes the clinical significance and the endodontic treatment of the maxillary central incisor with two root canals. The conclusions of the case report were that the success of endodontic treatment requires thorough knowledge of tooth morphology, its variations, and also the skills on the part of the operator.

Keywords: Anatomy, Pulp vitality, Radiographs.

How to cite this article: Thakur A, Kumar KN, Sheetal M, Abhijit P. Maxillary Central Incisor with Two Root Canals. Int J Oral Care Res 2016;4(4):317-319.

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