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International Journal of Oral Care & Research


India is the largest democracy and the second most populated country in the world. However, more than 70% of the people of India are residing in the villages. As far as dentists and their availability are concerned, to this huge population, the demand and supply ratio is far inadequate and insufficient. The dentists/ population ratio of India, on date, is 1:10,000. However, the reality is that in rural India, 1 dentist is serving over a population of 250,000. Thus, the real picture is not that simple as it seems. As we are about to step into the next decade, there lies an urgent need to analyze the dental work force of the country and to study the scope and future of dentistry in the coming years. Oral public health issues are grossly neglected in a developing country like India, the primary reason to which is the nonlife-threatening nature of oral health problems. Indian state governments are already financially overburdened to acknowledge the burden of orodental problems and its connection with the systemic health. State governments lack the capability to provide oral health services to all. So this review is mainly focusing on the current issues and strategies on dental workforce.

Keywords: Dental education, Dental homes, Dental manpower, Oral health, Teledentistry.

How to cite this article: Narayan A, Thomas SJ, Daniel A, Fatima S, Mathew RA. An Overview of Oral Health in India: Current Scenario and Challenges. Int J Oral Care Res 2016; 4(4):280-283.

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