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International Journal of Oral Care & Research


Aim: The aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of calcium hydroxide (CH) and triple antibiotic paste (TAP) as an intracanal medicaments in pain reduction.

Materials and methods: Thirty patients reporting to the Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics, with chief complaint of emergency pain and planned for conventional root canal treatment will be randomly selected and were further divided into two test groups. Group I – receiving CH as intracanal medicament, and group II – receiving TAP as intracanal medicament. Preoperative pain will be recorded by the patient using visual analog pain scale. Interappointment pain will also be recorded in the same manner. Inclusion was limited to patients coming for emergency pain.

Results: The overall incidence of mean range of pain found in CH group (mean range of pain after 1 hour: 20.33 mean value) is significantly higher than TAP (10.67 mean value after 1 hour) with Mann–Whitney U test. This signifies that patients undergoing endodontic therapy with TAP carry high significant (twice) results in pain reduction with each visits.

Conclusion: Calcium hydroxide and TAP are effective in managing interappointment pain. Triple antibiotic paste is more effective than CH in preventing the occurrence of pain.

Keywords: Calcium hydroxide, Emergency pain, Intracanal medicament, Triple antibiotic paste.

How to cite this article: Prasad LK, Tanwar BS, Kumar KN. Comparison of Calcium Hydroxide and Triple Antibiotic Paste as Intracanal Medicament in Emergency Pain Reduction: In vivo Study. Int J Oral Care Res 2016;4(4):244-246.

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