Aim: The aim of the study was to determine and compare the pocket depths (PD), relative attachment levels (RAL), bleeding on probing (BOP) and plaque indices (PI) in patients treated with scaling and root planning (SRP) alone and along with diode laser.

Materials and methods: The study was carried out on 30 subjects who fulfill the inclusion and exclusion criteria. Group I: 15 patients treated with SRP along with diode laser irradiation. Group II: 15 patients treated only with SRP. The clinical parameters were probing PD, RAL, BOP and PI which were recorded at base line, 7 days and after 1 month. Statistical analysis was done using Kolmogorov-Smirnov, Shapiro-Wilk, t-test, chi-square test.

Results: The use of diode lasers as an adjunct to SRP during maintenance phase showed better results when compared to SRP alone. Moderate periodontal pockets with moderate attachment loss showed significant improvement in group I than in group II. There was no change in deep pockets with severe attachment loss in both groups.

Clinical significance: The study shows that the specified laser parameter and the modality of application of the same results in faster healing. This can be recommended as an appropriate treatment for moderate pockets.

Keywords: Dental laser, Laser dentistry, Laser dentistry treatments, Laser uses in dentistry.

How to cite this article: Suprit SS, Setty S, Thakur S. Diode Laser as an Adjunctive to Nonsurgical Periodontal Therapy during Maintenance Phase: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial. Int J Laser Dent 2016;6(1):12-17.

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