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The Journal of Spinal Surgery


Spinal meningiomas are rarely reported as pure epidural tumors, and when present may cause diagnostic dilemma preoperatively. The unique combination of a wholly epidural tumor causing neural foraminal widening has not been previously described. We describe a case of pure epidural tumor in a 25-year-old female who presented with back pain. An apparent complete resection was performed. Intraoperatively, the surgeon observed an entirely epidural tumor with no dural attachment. Histological examination confirmed that the tumor was meningioma. In this study, we describe a case of extradural meningioma affecting the thoracic spine and present their clinical profiles, radiological findings, operative management, and follow-up data, along with discussion over its differential diagnosis.

Keywords: Differential diagnosis, Spinal meningiomas, Tumor.

How to cite this article: Singhania SK, Khan SM, Vaidya S, Patil B, Gupta V, Singh PK. Spinal Meningiomas: A Diagnostic Challenge. J Spinal Surg 2016;3(4):166-168.

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