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International Journal of Phonosurgery & Laryngology


Aims and objectives: Vocal cord palsy (VCP) can be definitely depicted on computed tomograpy (CT) scan by identifying key points at the level of true vocal cords and aryepiglottic folds. There are various VCP mimics and imaging shortcomings, and these can usually be circumvented by thoughtfully assessing the scan plan and level, and a diligent search for additional characteristics.

Materials and methods: This retrospective study consisted of 10 cases of unilateral VCP, who all had been clinically diagnosed of VCP and further evaluated by CT. Pre- and postcontrast enhanced axial CT from skull base to aorto-pulmonary window were done and multiplanar three-dimensional reconstruction of images in coronal and sagittal planes along with volumerendered imaging was done.

Results: Most consistent findings in VCP were thickening of ipsilateral aryepiglottic fold and medialization of ipsilateral aryepiglottic fold (100%), followed by dilation of ipsilateral pyriform sinus (90%) and dilatation of ipsilateral laryngeal ventricle (80%). Etiologic causes were ascertained in three cases: Thyroid malignancy, tuberculosis, and pyriform sinus malignancy. The last etiology was probably a VCP mimic.

Conclusion: Radiologic evaluation is inarguably useful for determining the etiology of VCP, particularly for lesions within neck and thoracic cavity. Most crucial objective in assessing a case of VCP is to exclude the presence of a life-threatening primary lesion as the cause of VCP.

Keywords: Chest radiograph, Computed tomography, Idiopathic, Recurrent laryngeal nerve, Superior laryngeal nerve, Vocal cord palsy.

How to cite this article: Pandey AK, Gangrade S, Malhotra A, Varma A, Maithani T. Computerized Tomographic Assessment of Vocal Cord Palsy: Otolaryngologist’s Purview. Int J Phonosurg Laryngol 2016;6(2):57-63.

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