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International Journal of Keratoconus and Ectatic Corneal Diseases


With all the technological advances today and the increasing number of people undergoing refractive surgery, the importance of detecting keratoconus (KC) prior to surgery has become evident. Although by using a topographer we can detect early stage KC, however, by using wavefront analysis technology, we are able to detect KC at an even earlier stage.
Every eye possesses a number of aberrations. However, in a KC patient’s eye, there are approximately five to six times the numbers of high-order aberrations (HOAs) than in a healthy eye. Using this technology to detect and assess the HOAs, it was found that in a KC cornea, it is possible to detect at a very early stage a much higher value of vertical coma aberrations compared with a normal eye. By using this technology, it is possible to study and understand the characteristics of the quality of the image on the retina, thereby understanding its impact on the patient’s visual quality.

Keywords: Aberrations, High-order, Keratoconus, Vertical coma, Wavefront.

How to cite this article: Hefner-Shahar H, Erdinest N. Highorder Aberrations in Keratoconus. Int J Kerat Ect Cor Dis 2016;5(3):128-131.

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