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Journal of Contemporary Dentistry

Purpose: This study aimed to evaluate the effects of the color of the cast on dimensional stability of visible light-cured (VLC) trial denture bases.
Materials and methods: A total of 60 VLC acrylic resin trial denture bases were fabricated on different colored casts (20 white, 20 dark blue, and 20 dark brown casts) and were divided into two groups; each group consisted of 30 casts (10 white, 10 dark blue, and 10 dark brown). The gap between the base and the cast after 24 hours was measured at different points (left crest of the ridge, midpalatal area, and right crest of the ridge) at the posterior and premolar areas for group I and after 48 hours for group II by using a stereomicroscope.
Results: With brown cast, the trial denture base showed significant decrease in dimensional change in comparison with white and blue casts after 24 and 48 hours.
Conclusion: The dimensional accuracy of the VLC trial denture base could be improved by using dark-colored cast during construction, to ensure accurate maxillomandibular relationship and accurate evaluation of phonetics and esthetic of wax trial dentures.
Keywords: Denture, Dimensional stability, Record base, Trial denture base, Visible light-cured resin.
How to cite this article: Elkholy S. Improving Dimensional Stability of Visible Light-cured Trial Denture Base using Different Colored Casts. J Contemp Dent 2016;6(3):171-176.
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