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Clinical Rhinology An International Journal


Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) rhinorrhea is common in traumatic penetrating nasal injuries. In the pediatric age group, we often encounter self-inflicted foreign body injuries of blunt type, which rarely leads to any complications. We came across a case of CSF rhinorrhea due to self-inflicted penetrating nasal injury, after 7 years of initial injury. In this case, the sharp end of a screw nail had injured the fovea ethmoidalis and caused a meningoencephalocele on removal, which had been asymptomatic until 4 years ago, when the patient came with CSF rhinorrhea. Miraculously, there were no complications in the period before presentation and after surgical correction.

Keywords: Cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea, Endonasal approach, Pediatric trauma, Screw nail trauma

How to cite this article: Rajasekar MK, Sankar MR. A Rare Case of Pediatric Self-inflicted Meningoencephalocele. Clin Rhinol An Int J 2016;9(3):143-145.

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