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International Journal of Recent Surgical and Medical Sciences


Introduction: In the new millennium, the medical community still deals with the treatment of idiopathic scoliosis as a threedimensional (3D) curvature known in India before Hippocrates. However, we doctors that deal with deformities of the spine, stick to Reichalt’s rule for treatment according to the size of the curvature and its progression. The aim of our study is to explain our own opinion for progression of bad posture in school children according to physical inactivity and use of video terminals (VT).

Materials and methods: We have made some researches about standards of school screening for bad posture and its impact on morphological and functional changes in them.

Results: Most of school children spend more than 2 hours in front of video terminals, they have increased body weight, and postural changes in sagittal plane.

Discussion: Some postural bad positions in age of intensive growth can became structural. In the era of fast technology development the future generation shall have functional changes on body like result of long standing in bad position.

Conclusion: The future studies for bad posture in school children should be aimed to find how much long sitting in front of VT can affect their health in the adult age.

Keywords: Bad posture, Functional changes, School screening.

How to cite this article: Ramova ELP, Ramov LZ. Morphological and Functional Changes in Schoolchildren with Bad Posture. Int J Recent Surg Med Sci 2016;2(2):114-115.

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