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International Journal of Experimental Dental Science


Aims: This case report aims to describe a conservative interdisciplinary approach to restore generalized tooth wear complicated with malalignment of teeth.

Introduction: Tooth wear is the surface loss of dental hard tissue, i.e., usually multifactorial in origin, excluding other than caries, trauma, or developmental disorder. Severe tooth wear impact the appearance, comfort, function, or longevity of the tooth. Prosthodontic management of patients with tooth wear has been well documented, although prosthodontic treatment is designed to correct minor malocclusion, patients with moderate-to-severe malocclusion accompanied by generalized tooth wear may require preprosthetic orthodontic intervention.

Case report: This case report describes a 47-year-old male patient with generalized tooth wear complicated with lack of interocclusal space and malalignment of teeth. Preventive measures were carried out to address the etiological factors of tooth wear. After orthodontic treatment, definitive restoration was placed in reorganized occlusion at an increased vertical dimension, which restored esthetic and function.

Conclusion: In this clinical report, generalized tooth wear with insufficient space for restoration, complicated by malalignment of teeth, was managed by way of an interdisciplinary approach which allowed a conservative full-mouth rehabilitation. After orthodontic treatment, a reorganized restorative approach was undertaken at an increased vertical dimension, providing an esthetic and functional solution. An occlusal night guard was provided to protect the dental restorations.

Clinical significance: Interdisciplinary approach allows a conservative management for patient with tooth wear complicated by malalignment of teeth.

Keywords: Case reports, Interdisciplinary, Prosthodontic management, Tooth wear.

How to cite this article: Leung TM, Botelho MG, Yang Y, Ho EHT. Management of Tooth Wear: An Interdisciplinary Approach. Int J Experiment Dent Sci 2016;5(2):139-145.

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