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International Journal of Experimental Dental Science


Introduction: Ranulas are lesions that affect the salivary glands, and they are generally treated by excision; however, they can recur in some cases where the gland is not removed and they may progress to acute suppurative sialadenitis, yet such cases are rare, especially in children.

Aims: To report clinical management of occurrence of acute suppurative sialadenitis secondary to excisional biopsy of ranula in a child.

Case report: An 11-year-old female patient was diagnosed with ranula where excisional biopsy was performed. Subsequently, the patient developed infection, suggesting Ludwig’s angina, after reevaluation, she was diagnosed with acute suppurative sialadenitis in the right mandibular gland; during the follow-up period, antibiotic therapy was introduced.

Conclusion: The close relationship of the biopsy site with the submandibular space and other structures of the neck required the completion of antibacterial prophylaxis associated with preoperative care, transoperative care, and postoperative care to combat opportunistic infections and their subsequent complications.

Clinical significance: Suppurative sialadenitis and its subsequent complications may be considered, although rare, as a complication in cases of ranula.

Keywords: Ludwig’s angina, Ranula, Sialadenitis.

How to cite this article: Pinheiro TN, Arid J, Maciel AP, Machado AFM, Monteiro ML, de Oliveira Daltoé M, de Carvalho FK. Acute Suppurative Sialadenitis Secondary to Excisional Ranula Biopsy in Child. Int J Experiment Dent Sci 2016;5(2):123-126.

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