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Hypertension Journal will be a peer-reviewed journal which highlights epidemiology, health implications, and cardiovascular risk from hypertension in India and South Asia...
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Jaypee Journals, a division of Jaypee Brothers, has been a pioneer in the publishing of medical journals. We have been respected for the past many years for quality and excellence in medical publishing.
Indirect Sinus Lift with Implant Placement in Maxillary ...
Journal of Health Sciences & Research
Priya S Reddy
[Volumn:7 ] [Number:1] [Pages:34] [Pages No:32-34]
Traumatic Fibroma: A Case ...
Journal of Health Sciences & Research
Navnita Singh, Shivaprasad Bilichodmath, Savita Sambhashivaiah
[Volumn:7 ] [Number:1] [Pages:34] [Pages No:28-31]
Pregnancy ...
Journal of Health Sciences & Research
Shwetha Chikkaboraiah
[Volumn:7 ] [Number:1] [Pages:34] [Pages No:23-27]
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