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The International Journal of Scalp & Hair Disorder (IJSHD) is a peer-reviewed, academic journal, dedicated to the clinical and continuing education needs of the entire dermatologic community in field of Scalp & Hair Disorder...
For more Please visit: www.ijshd.com
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Hemisection: A Treatment Option for an Endodontically ...
The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice
S Anitha, Deepika SC Rao
[Volumn:16 ] [Number:2] [Pages:81] [Pages No:163-165]
Horizontal-guided Bone Regeneration using a Titanium Mesh ...
The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice
Danilo Alessio Di Stefano, Gian Battista Greco, Lorenzo Cinci, Laura Pieri
[Volumn:16 ] [Number:2] [Pages:81] [Pages No:154-162]
The Effect of Self-adhesive and Self-etching Resin Cements...
The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice
Monica Barros da Silva, Rudys Rodolfo de Jesus Tavarez, Fernanda Silva de Assis, Mateus Rodrigues Tonetto, Thiago Porto Neto, Shilpa H Bhandi, Omar El-Mowafy, Sizenando de Toledo Porto Neto, Matheus Coelho Bandeca
[Volumn:16 ] [Number:2] [Pages:81] [Pages No:147-153]
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